Special Operations


DCA Operations Group (DOG) is a dedicated private military force and intelligence (J2) unit designed to plan, implement, and execute special operations missions worldwide.

Comprised of leaders within the Special Operations community, we represent every branch of military service and the US Government counterparts.  Our team leaders have worked together in unconventional warfare and clandestine environments for over 20 years, while be a driving force in the balance of foreign diplomacy and peacekeeping efforts.

Clandestine Services
Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is the key to achieving national security objectives.  Our team of HUMINT professionals are trade craftsman operating within the open and denied spheres of global communities to source, gather, analyze, and execute critical missions of national security importance.

Special Operations
is able to support special mission requirements anywhere on the globe within 24 hours.  Our senior special operations leaders are accomplished team members from the advanced counter-terrorist community.  Able to plan and deploy small teams within hours of notice, DCA mission partners are the contracted element assigned to Tip of the Spear missions worldwide.

Nuclear Emergency Response Team Operations
In support of national directives to combat against and respond to nuclear related incidents, DOG Nuclear Emergency Team Operations (NERT) personnel are capable of working in conjunction with the Department of Energy, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to enhance the response capabilities to nuclear related incidents.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
When it comes to WMD consulting, DCA team capabilities are second to none.  Considered Subject Matter Experts in the field of WMD, our team can provide a multitude of consultative options to enhance your WMD program needs.

Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO)
Anti-Terrorism/Counterterrorism Subject Matter Experts are certified Instructor level personnel from the Department of Defense.  Our capability spans the basic required annual training for Anti-terrorism Level 1 certificate for all military and government personnel, to the more advanced Level 3 (WMD) Antiterrorism exercises designed for Command Level Staff and forward base operations (FOB).  DCA Anti-Terrorism Officers (ATO) can serve as the assigned ATO for any military base or government facility in the world.