Partnerships to Hire Veterans

Our American service men and women are some of the most highly trained, disciplined, and mission committed people in the world.  As a Veterans First employer, it is our practicing philosophy to provide professional opportunities to a highly qualified workforce that has served America with honor.

We build upon the great sense of teamwork, integrity, and professional accountability that is instilled in our Armed Forces personnel, to deliver excellence in protective services to our customers.

Our alliances are the starting point for sourcing qualified veterans.  Working with quality veteran recruiting organizations, and State workforce employment agencies, Argus is able to identify local veterans with the aptitude and attitude to be an critical member of Team DCA.

See what the Professional Technical Assistance Center at Palm Beach State College wrote below about our contributions to supporting the Student Veterans Club of America.

“As a guest speaker at our Student Veterans event at Palm Beach State College, we requested that Mr. Snyder consider being our keynote speaker. He very willingly accepted the invitation. As a Service-Disabled Veteran himself, he understands how important it is to provide a beacon of light to the young men and women returning home and adjusting to a different landscape.
He was engaging and entertaining sharing his stories and providing, I believe, a renewed sense of purpose to our students. Many of the individuals who attended this event asked me to convey to him that his presence was highly appreciated and would he consider returning to the campus in 2015! We value Mr. Snyder and his commitment to our constituents and continue to honor and appreciate his support to our organization.”
                          Jackie R. – PTAC Representative, Palm Beach State College


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