Access Control & Video

Access Control

Gain control over access to your physical business facilities by utilizing the latest access control technology. The systems can control a variety of devices: doors, elevators, gate operators and roll gates to name a few. User friendly software allows customizable reports and quick update of ID access information. No more lost or stolen keys. Control access by user, date, and time. Call for an on site evaluation and introduction to the latest in product technology that best meets your company’s needs.

HD Video Recording

Security has entered all aspects of life and operating a safe business environment is crucial to the continued success of each establishment. We have entered the true digital age where greater than 1080p quality video is available at virtually all price points. Built on a security network, installation and expansion cost have been reduced compared to analog systems of the same kind. No more home run pulls back to the recorder for each camera, now an additional camera is connected to the nearest network node.

Dealing with insurance slip & falls, property damage…, vendors materials, employees and the general public would ten times the video resolution make a difference; seeing is believing!

Video storage from days to months contained in the unit, or off load important events to save for years if needed.

Access to the video system is as near as your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Put the network to use, give limited access to managers, security guards or off site monitors and save money by having each cover more ground with less man power or just working smarter with technology on your side.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is a loss prevention tool no company should be without. Now you can stay in touch, informed, and in control of your business like never before. Whether you are a retail, commercial, or industrial business, a strategically implemented security surveillance system will provide real benefits that add profitability to your bottom line…

Secure business environment
Allows access to your business 24/7 from any
PC or mobile device.
Eliminates opportunity for employee and customer theft.
Instill accountability in employees and vendors
Reduce frivolous lawsuits

We will conduct a security evaluation of your facility customize a system utilizing the latest in high definition camera resolutions to meet your companies goals and budget.

Maintenance Services

Technology is a wonderful thing until it stops working. Enroll in our bumper to bumper maintenance agreements and get peace of mind and priority service. From step by step phone instructions to system replacement we will have your system up and running with minimal down time.

Leasing Programs

With our leasing program we can design and integrate a digital security management solution that fits within your company’s budget.

Security Audits

Many clients need an objective evaluation of their security services needs before they send out bids. We provide professional and honest physical security assessments and offer professional review of products and services proposed by vendors.