“We were in need of international security and logistics services in Haiti for high level meetings and tour of facilities throughout Port Au Prince.  DCA was highly recommended to us.  Our head of global security is a retired FBI agent and he checked out DCA thoroughly and found they were the resource we should use. The byproduct was outstanding service delivered to our Fortune 400 CEO and his family, and the rest of our team.  DCA provided secure lodging at their facility, armed security, and transportation services.  The Diplomatic Customs entrance and exit in Port Au Prince was far beyond the capabilities of any other provider.  DCA has now become our only choice for all international security operations.”

Milton R. - NYSE-traded Fortune 350 company,

I consider Defense Contracting Activity the very best Guard company we have at our federal facilities.  DCA has been exceptional in solving any small issues that have arisen. They are extremely proactive in communicating with me and our field station sites.

Anthony P. - US Government Regional Security Specialist,

“As a senior meeting planner with a major NYSE pharmaceutical company, I had the opportunity to work directly with Jon Snyder and the team from DCA. Jon and his associates were always extremely professional with years of security experience. I worked with Jon and his team both in domestic locations as well as many locations in Europe. His team always arrived on location early in preparation for our upcoming events and made sure our venues were secure. Corporate Espionage can be devastating to any organization; my company trusted Jon and the team from DCA to protect our most sensitive medical data. Time and time again Jon and the team from DCA succeeded in that role. I would recommend the team from DCA to any corporation looking to protect their sensitive information and keep it out of the hands of their competitors.”

Robert Hurley - Sr Meeting Planner -NYSE Traded Company, http://www.vrtx.com

“I can say from personal experience that I would highly recommend utilizing DCA for international handling arrangements for drivers, translators, security, and logistics, as well as providing valuable intelligence. The secure compound they operate in Port Au Prince, Haiti provides a comfortable environment with excellent service and food, and provides a retreat form the busy schedules we maintained.  Additionally, the diplomatic services assistance they can provide for ease of entry and exit at Port Au Prince airport made our travel extremely convenient.”

Robert Lefever, http://www.helixglobal.com