Q?   How long has been DCA been in business

A.     DCA has been in business since late 1999, but operated as a sole-proprietorship for the first few years of business until our later incorporation and was formerly named Argus International Risk Services.

Q?   Is DCA a publicly traded or privately-held company

A.     We are currently a privately-held company.  There is a future plan that may require us to raise public funding.

Q?   For Government acquisition, does DCA meet any set-aside criteria

A.     We are a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.  Our primary NAICS code is 561612 for Security Services with a maximum annual revenue threshold of $20.5 million to maintain our small business set-aside status. Our current aggregate contract value is over $80 million.

Q?   How is DCA organized as a company

A.     DCA is a Limited Liability Company chartered by Article of Incorporation through the State of Florida.

Q?     Does Argus have any experience working on National Security Sensitive or classified programs

A.  The very nature of classified programs is that they remain classified.  We will say that many of the DCA team members hold active clearances at the highest levels of government and do have decades of experience working on National Security Sensitive programs.

Q?     What is your company culture like

A.  The environment is pretty dynamic since we are a small, but high-growth oriented company.  We promote our “One Team, One Fight” philosophy.  It is highly probable you will see our Founder and CEO taking out the garbage for one of our mission partners if it is needed to help succeed.  Our core belief is in the strength and commitment of our mission partners – without a strong team, we are nothing.

Q?     Do you have an Employee Benefits program in place

A.  Yes; Depending on which DCA program a team member works for, we do offer a competitive benefits program typical of a nationally recognized provider.